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"This book is suspenseful, mysterious, and a page turner"

Book_TheSecretCircle_Vol1logo_bnCassie was counting down to the last day of her summer vacation. She was not having a good time, and Cape Cod was nothing like the travel book had described. The kids her age treated her like an outsider, and she missed her friends back home. She was even hoping of heading home a few days early. Every time she mentioned this to her mother, she responded in a slightly strange way. Finally, the day of departure arrived, and Cassie was looking forward to the sunshine and palm trees of California. img_HC_browse_insideShe knew something was wrong when her mother did not share in her joy. She was shocked to learn that she and her mom were not returning home at all but were going to live in New Salem with a grandmother she never knew. Her life was turned upside down. She had to deal with the fact that she had a new home, she had to learn to live with someone she had never met, and she had to go to a new school where she did not know anyone. What Cassie did not know was that her mother and grandmother had a secret and that this secret could cost Cassie everything, including her life. This book is suspenseful, mysterious, and a page turner. Reviewer: Laura J. Brown


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