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The Y-A Powerhouse

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"The Y-A Powerhouse"

Book_TVD_Midnightlogo_the_hollywood_reporterThe final book in the series’ second trilogy is also the final book by series creator Smith, who parted ways with Alloy Entertainment in February. Alloy, which owns the series trademark, plans to hire writers to continue but by focusing on stories and characters closer to the successful WB show. With an announced 400,000-copy first printing and a lucrative series to keep alive, Alloy and publisher HarperTeen have a lot riding on quelling the fan backlash over Smith’s departure. (Pub. date: 3/15)


+1 # RE: The Y-A PowerhouseMaja 2012-02-05 05:03
I hope they will hire L.J.Smith back! She deserves that.
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0 # Re: The Y-A Powerhousemoonlight24 2012-03-08 14:55
Why they didn't let her continue will always be a mystery. Here it says that they wanted the story to follow closer to the WB Show, why they couldn't trust LJ to do it, who knows . . .

I do hope they let her write again.
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Jennifer Patterson Prada
0 # RE: The Y-A PowerhouseJennifer Patterson Prada 2012-03-09 15:22
All paths part ways for a reason. Sometimes the road less traveled by is over rated. But- junctions sometimes bring those paths back together! If Alloy believes in Karama they will consult with the author first and extend an invitation to write for the series. Something good alwaus comes from something bad...if that holds true, Alloy may be passing up an opertunity to be bigger than they really are!
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