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Nightworld: Circle Daybreak for fans of Lisa Jane Smith


+5 # i love...Krystal_marie 2012-03-29 16:03
Before i started reading your books i wouldn't even touch a book,especially not a book as big as the nightworld series.Ever since i started reading your books i fell in love with reading it was, just so interesting and amzing.I just can't get enough of it.I was slowly reading them for like a month,and my english teacher made us read a book for the whole hour.So i started reading nightworld Dark Angel,The chosen,Soulmat. After i read it for that hour i couldnt stop,hah teachers told me to put my book away because i was always reading it in class.I have only read the blue book and im on the third story.I love books about vampires,werewo lfs,and witches there so intreging.Your books are so full of detail and mystery.I really wish you had movies for them though.But i bet that would be hard because you need special affects and stuff haha.but i just wanna say your my number one author,and i love your books to death :lol::D please message me back ,i know you have my email
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+4 # Night WorldBarbqueen 2012-09-03 14:49
Love the series!!!! Patiently waiting for Strange Fate to come out.
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+2 # vampire diariesGuest 2012-11-06 03:06
Oh my gosh! your books are awesome..especi ally VAMPIRE DIARIES and NIGHT WORLD!!!!1 :lol: :P
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+1 # Night World Strange FateGuest 2013-01-22 04:54
It has been exactly one year that you said that you were still writing Strange Fate. I am a big fan of your Night World Series and I was wondering how much longer is it going to be for Strange Fate.
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+1 # RE: Night World Strange FateMichelle 2013-01-22 05:35
LJ has had a bumpy year, but she has continued to make big progress with Strange Fate. She is extremely close to finishing up the work on her end, then it is off to the publisher. How long it will take the publisher to get it into our greedy little hands is unknown. LJ has been giving us frequent status updates through the forum and sometimes in her blog as well, make sure you check both to keep up to date! Have you had a chance to check out The Last Lullaby(Brionwy 's Lullaby)? It was originally a part of Strange Fate but the story got so big itself, LJ had to turn it into it's own book! I have included both links for you to check the story out! Hope to see you in the forum, that is the number one spot for up to date info! http://www.ljanesmith.net/stories/sneak-peeks/54-brionwys-lullaby & http://www.ljanesmith.net/links/just-for-fun/582-the-next-big-thing-the-last-lullaby
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0 # Night WorldGuest 2013-03-28 11:50
I love the night world my favorite stories are V.1,secret vampire,daughte rs of darkness. V.2 all. V.3 hunteress,witch light. I have read all the stories. This is my third time reading them and I can`t put them down so i`m getting in trouble for not paying attention in my classes. I can`t wait for the next book Strange Fate to come my way
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