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Nina Dobrev Wins People’s Choice Award: Favorite TV Drama Actress

on Wednesday, 25 January 2012 19:58. Posted in In the Media

img ninadobrevCongratulations Nina! I can’t think of a more deserving doppelganger.

Double congratulations are in order for Nina Dobrev! Not only did she look incredible on the red carpet at the 2012 People’s Choice Awards, but The Vampire Diaries star also snagged the Favorite TV Drama Actress award for her dual portrayal of Katherine and Elena.

And since we all love Nina, why not leave a congratulatory message for Nina in the comments section below?
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Secret Circle Full Season Ordered

on Sunday, 16 October 2011 22:56. Posted in In the Media

CW has given a full 22-episode order for its first season.

CW-The Secret CircleImage © CW.comThe L.J. Smith adaptation The Secret Circle, cousin to the successful Vampire Diaries, has been given a full 22-episode order for its first season. The show's generally positive reception, decent ratings, and durable premise have given heart to the storm-tossed CW network, prompting this pick-up of the show's "back nine" episodes after its contingent 13-episode original order in May

In the most recent ratings, for Oct. 13, Circle retained two thirds of Vampire's 2.9 million live plus same day viewers. It garnered a 0.8 rating among adults 18-49, considerably outperforming the latest numbers for the high-profile Ringer (a 0.4 rating among adults 18-49 and 1.170 million live and same day viewers), according to TV By the Numbers. Original Article Here >>

Excerpt from , About.com Guide article.

The Secret Circle Boss Dissects Nick's Death and the Coven's Possible Replacement

on Thursday, 20 October 2011 03:05. Posted in In the Media

The Secret Circle© Copyright.  TVGuide.comThe Secret Circle's circle is broken.

Tragedy struck Chance Harbor when Charles (Gale Harold) was forced to drown Nick (Louis Hunter) in order to kill the demon that had possessed him. More unnerving than his untimely demise is that Nick was a character who not only survived the L.J. Smith novels the series is based on, but also eventually found romance with Cassie.

This means two things: No one is safe in the Kevin Williamson and Andrew Miller-executive- produced adaptation of the novels, and it's time for a replacement witch! TVGuide.com caught up with Miller to dissect Nick's death, what it means for the circle, and the introduction of Nick's brother, who may be able to fill the void in the coven.

Why did you guys decide to make such a drastic change from the novels by killling Nick?
Andrew Miller: Because there are only three [books] and because the story of the books is so specific and goes to such a specific place, we were always going to have to make some kind of a departure. We'd already reduced the circle in numbers [Editor's note: The novels feature a coven of 12], which was painful to do. We just felt that to really make the stakes of what these guys are dealing with feel real, to really ground it in an emotional reality, they just couldn't be walking around doing magic like it was no big deal. Unfortunately, there was just no better way to explore this idea of action and consequences than one of their own dying. 

How will Nick's death affect the circle, and especially Melissa (Jessica Parker Kennedy)?
He starts off as such a douche with her and you hate him to some degree for treating Melissa the way he does, but she keeps coming back to him and he keeps pushing her away.  Then, over the course of these last four episodes, he just turns such a corner and opens himself up to her and lets her come in. In doing so, we felt that it really empowered Melissa and she's stepped out of Faye's shadow for the first time in probably their whole lives.

Melissa's going to have a very, very, very tough time recovering and coping. That kind of loss is just obviously enormous and we want to treat it as emotionally real as we can. The idea of this week, in an episode called "Wake," is just to show our guys coming to terms with it, or trying to come to terms with this. They'll have completely different experiences, and react in completely different ways: some understandable, some appropriate, some totally inappropriate and seemingly wrong. And then also with the parents, because Charles and Dawn (Natasha Henstridge) are as affected as these kids, and they're going to react in shocking ways too.  More... Original Article at TVGuide.com >>

Excert from Natalie Abrams for TV Guide.com

'The Secret Circle' shocker: Louis Hunter on Nick's early demise

on Friday, 14 October 2011 01:22. Posted in In the Media

Louis HunterLouis HunterThe secret is out, and the circle is broken. On tonight's shocking episode of "The Secret Circle," we said goodbye to Nick Armstrong, the oft-shirtless ne'er-do-well boy next door. The twist was particularly startling given the fact that Nick is a fan favorite character from the L.J. Smith novels from which the series is adapted... not to mention the fact that actor Louis Hunter has appeared in all of the show's promotional materials up to this point.

Unfortunately for Nick fans, this isn't one of those deaths that's easily remedied by a potion or a clap-if-you-believe-in-witches spell. Zap2it spoke exclusively with Hunter last week and he confirmed that after shooting the episode, "Slither," he packed his bags.

Zap2it: How permanent is Nick's death? Were you on set again after filming this episode?

Hunter: No, I pretty much left Vancouver straight away after filming this episode. I had some work stuff to do in L.A., and I took a little time to see some friends.

Zap2it: Was it tough to keep Nick's death a secret from the fans?

Hunter: Not really! We haven't hinted at a death at all, so nobody's really asked me about it. We really wanted to keep it a surprise. I haven't talked much about the show with my friends. No one really knows.

Zap2it: What about when you found out? Did Andrew Miller or Kevin Williamson just call you and say, 'Listen...'

Hunter: Actually, no. I knew from the start, from the get-go, that Nick would be written off. I didn't know exactly which episode, but I did know that it was part of the master plan that at some point in the first season, someone was going to go, and that someone would be me. So that wasn't a shock, getting that script. Read More >>>  OR Discuss this in Forum >>

Written by By Carina Adly MacKenzie for Zap2it | October 14, 2011 12:59 AM ET