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"Meet Victor."

Lisa's B
logo_GDB_w200_1est Friend and Confidante. Our new family member. An official "Website Ambassador" of the Inner Circle. And just a cool, calm cucumber of four legged kind.

Isn't he just adorable?! laughing


SEPTEMBER 20, 2013 -- 3 Images loaded.
Victor is enjoying Lisa's new house. A photo of Victor in a garden with lovely flowers. A photo of him relaxing on the backyard grass and his playdate with his girldfriend Chloe. Life can't be any better for Lisa's Best Friend! :-)

JUNE 19, 2013 -- Image Titled: "Good Boy Victor!"
"Victor is being petted by his girlfriend Chloé who is standing on the bench."  ~ Lisa

SEPTEMBER 12, 2012 -- Image Titled: Victor with Chloé and Sage
"Here are some pictures of Victor on his walks. In the first, Victor poses in the middle between his two best friends, Chloé (the larger Labrador) and Sage, another girl dog, reclining. You will notice that Victor keeps his tongue in his mouth, even when he laughs."  ~ Lisa

SEPTEMBER 12, 2012 -- Image Titled: Victor Loves Kids 1 and 2
"Victor airborne with his precious tennis ball as he romps around a little girl who is more interested in the sand. (Cute kid, though.) The last is Victor being good for a little boy who wanted to hold his gentle leader."  ~ Lisa

MARCH 7, 2012 -- Image Titled: Best Friend
"Victor, after a hard day’s chasing bunnies that he can’t hope to catch, finally stretches out on his doggy bed with his own precious squeaky bunny.  He loves his beds (there are actually two in the picture) and loves his bunny even more.  After all these months it still squeaks."  ~ Lisa

JANUARY 14, 2011 -- Image Titled: Victor Look At the Camera?
"This is Victor wondering what “Look at the Camera, Boy” means.  I should have lit the fireplace for a holiday touch, but Victor doesn’t like dancing flames too much—he has a thick coat and gets too hot.  This is his best confused look."  ~ Lisa

JANUARY 14, 2011 -- Image Titled: Victor the Noble Dog
"This is Victor in the kitchen.  I only told him to sit, but a lot of the time he figures he’ll go down all the way and maybe get a treat out of it.  He turned out looking like Woman’s Best Friend, rather splendid and noble, which he occasionally manages without looking worried, too.  This is a joke if you’ve seen him on his back, with all four legs in the air, showing his white tummy to be scratched.  He usually does this in the evening after a walk."  ~ Lisa

NOVEMBER 21, 2011 -- Image Titled: Victor Tummy
"Victor is lying on his two doggie beds in between the elliptical machine and the treadmill, with his fuzzy white tummy turned up for pets.  He has absolutely no sense of propriety or dignity.  I think it’s good though, that he’s finally broken the no-see-um, no-hear-um policy he was taught at the Guide Dogs Training Facility.  They taught him to be invisible when not working, but I need a real doggie dog."  ~ Lisa

 NOVEMBER 4, 2011 -- Image Titled: Victor Just Relaxing 2011
"Here is a picture of Victor lolling in the bushes, very glad to be out of costume, and what I said to Andie, who also has a lab called Sandy.   Labs are great dogs, aren’t they?  Mine is a little confused, having been raised to care for and bond with a blind person only to fail to get the final training because he is a bit distractible.  Still, I swear that he is very smart.  He has learned to wag his tail freely when happy, and he knows the following words: “sit, down, up, come, no, good boy, off (let go, or stop eating that disgusting gross thing you found on your walk), heel” and “bunny.”   He has a furry squeaky bunny that he will get on the command “get your bunny.”  I’m trying to teach him “bone” for his yellow indestructible nylabone." ~ Lisa

NOVEMBER 1, 2011 -- Image Titled: Victor Halloween - Devil, Cat 2011
"We put him in a little cape and devil’s horns. And then, just to confuse him we put a cat mask on him.  He really didn’t like being a cat.  But he was very gentle with the trick-or-treaters and only once tried to steal a piece of candy."  ~ Lisa