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Sims Gallery

on Sunday, 27 January 2013 00:37. Posted in Gallery by Fans

Here's a compilation of images of Sims Gallery by the Forum members. Huge thanks to Christina Crowley for setting this up inside the Forum. Lisa personally instructed that we duplicate these images outside the Forum so that everyone can enjoy the work that fans have created. Keep it coming! laughing

By Steph - (Black Dawn) Castle

By Steph - (Daughters of Darkness) Burdock Farm

By Heather - (Spellbinder) Harman Store

By Heather - (Daughters of Darkness) Burdock Farm

By Steph - (Dark Visions) Zetes Institute

Jesa - Manhattan, Kansas

on Thursday, 24 November 2011 00:00. Posted in Gallery by Fans

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Jesa’s Gallery

JessaI am 27 years old and I'm married with three four-legged children. Gator, Gizmo and L.B. All of which, husband included, drive me crazy daily. I escape Xbox purgatory by writing and playing around with graphic art. I've been in love with L.J. Smith books since I was a teenager and I used to draw her characters on paper but doing it on the computer has made it all so much more exciting and fun. I hope to eventually have a complete collection of my own depictions of all of the L.J. Smith characters.


Andie - Northern Ireland

on Monday, 03 October 2011 01:43. Posted in Gallery by Fans

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Andie’s Gallery

 AndieMy name is Andrea, but my friends all call me Andie as it's easier to pronounce without saying it wrong and I prefer it that way :) I'm from Northern Ireland and the only girl (apart from my mum) in my family, and have 3 brothers who all tower over me despite me being older than two of them *lol* I currently live near The Mourne Mountains, which is where C.S. Lewis based the land of Narnia on,  but go home often to visit my family outside Antrim and get "Happy! Yay! Prance Dance" therapy from our blonde labby Sandy who's obsessed with squeaky toys and has been my best friend since he was a puppy and I let him gum my hands to death ^_^ I love to read and write book Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device.
I love to read and write books and stories (am working on my first book which I hope to finish and get published someday) as well as create art in whatever way I can: I have cute little cartoon style monster models that I made with Fimo Clay sitting on top of the TV in my flat just because I had a notion to make them while I let my imagination ran away with me ^_^ Someday I may even write a book about them too ;)  Hugz  ~Andie

(That’s I L U N A) daughter of Hellewise, shown by Andie with the classic Hearth-Woman/Harman looks: blond hair, violet eyes, and angelic features.  This piece seems to glow, not just with the intensity of Iluna’s eyes and skin, but with a purity Andie injects into all her pieces, making them seem almost like stained glass.  Not much is known about Iluna in modern times, but she married Alfar of the Winds and had a daughter, Eileithiya Hearth-Woman.  She was a great leader of the witches after Hellewise passed away.

Poppy_North_by_AndiePoppy North
Here is the heroine of the first NIGHT WORLD book, Poppy North, who decides to let her soulmate James change her into a vampire to save her from a very painful death by cancer.  Strawberry-haired and elfin to start with, Poppy becomes a green-eyed vamp as a vampire.  This was Andie’s first photo manipulation but she already has the gift of catching the heart of a character.  I picture this as what Poppy first saw when she looked in the mirror after the change.

James_Rasmussen_by_AndieJames Rasmussen
James Rasmussen is the James Dean of his school, but although Poppy doesn’t know it because of his cool exterior, she’s his soulmate and only love.  Andie (and I) think this picture just gives off those “James Rasmussen vibes.”  Um . . . whew!  Strong vibes!  As a vampire, the laws of the Night World forbid him to fall in love with Poppy but James is an outlaw and makes her a rogue vampire.

Philip_North_by_AndiePhillip North
Phillip North is Poppy’s twin brother . . . and complete opposite.  Even when he learns that James can save Poppy, he is horrified by what his sister will become.  Here’s what Andie says about him.  “:) I gave him a magical space age type background as I imagine if he had decided to learn to use/harness his powers he would use some kind of technical kind of magic because it seems like it would be something that would be his style.”

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