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Contest Winner's Circle

on 11 February 2011. Posted in Winner's Circle

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+15 # Example PostAdministrator 2011-12-03 03:23
1. John Doe
2. Black Rose
3. Long Stem Black Rose
4. It is sitting right next to my desk so that I can look at it every day.
5. "I've never won anything in my life until I received THE email from L. J. saying how I was that lucky winner. I am so, so, happy and it is such a lovely rose with every detail pristinely preserved with gold edging. Thank You L. J. Smith!!" :lol: :lol:
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+11 # RE: Contest Winner's CircleLourdes 2011-12-30 22:03
1) Lu


3) Bonnie's Opal Ring

4) Right now is in the ring box beside me.

5) As other winners I'd never won anything. I was totally shocked, stunned, surprised and absolutely happy when I read my name as the winner of this beautiful ring. I felt like a little girl with her birthday or Christmas present. It's so special to me. First because it was from Lisa and second because is the ring of one of my favarite characters. I will cherish this ring.
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+17 # RE: Contest Winner's CircleCristina 2011-12-03 07:05
1. Kiki Lopez
2. Midnight Jewel Box Contest
3. The Cameo Jewel Box
4. Sitting on my dresser looking beautiful!
5. Ive honestly never won anything in my life and i was so happy when i got chosen as the winner. Its so beautiful and i will treasure it forever! Thank you LJ Smith
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+15 # Winner's CircleClaire 2011-12-03 07:43
1. Claire B.
2. Naming the next arc
3. A signed book
4. On my nightstand since I am reading it
5. I don't think that I was ever more happy to see an email in my inbox!
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Christina S.
+18 # Winner!Christina S. 2011-12-03 08:45
1. Christina S.
2. Aspiring Author's Contest
3. Manuscript Editing and a Query Letter
4. It is in my computer :-)
5. This was something that I will never forget. Getting support as a writer is hard because having a steady job doing it is difficult, and so I never really got support for it. That was until Lisa said that I won this contest. It means more to me than anything, and I will never ever forget it.

Oh, and I can call myself a winner...which is cool :lol:
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Emma Simpson
+11 # Winner!Emma Simpson 2011-12-03 13:30
1. Emma Simpson
2. Cassie Book of Shadow
3. Cassie book of shadow and pen
4. On my desk looking beautiful
5. Thank you LJ soo sooo much I've only writin in it once! It is so amazing I won! Plus I can finaly say I won something!!! :lol: Thank you!!
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Megan Elise Bunting
+1 # WOW!Megan Elise Bunting 2012-09-07 13:13
i would haved loved to have won cassies book of shadows!! well done!! :D
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Avni Ahuja
+6 # Winner's Circle :)Avni Ahuja 2011-12-04 06:40
1. Avni A.
2.Midnight Jewel box Contest
3. Cameo Jewel Box and Tiffany's Garden Flower Necklace
4.The jewel box is sitting proudly on my shelf, only holding a few of my most prized possessions, and the necklace is hanging around my neck! (i love wearing it)
5.Winning by chance wasn't really my forte so i was really surprised when i saw my name!!! L.J is such a giving author and I love her for that!!!!
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+8 # Re: Contest winner's Circlevictoria 2011-12-04 20:13
1.) Victoria McDorman
2.) Shadows Souls Twin Fox Ring
3.) Beautiful golden ring with two foxes on it and a jewlery box that just happens to be an egg that its beautiful
4.) It stays around my neck or on my pink at ALL times until i can get it resized to fit my ring finger :oops: and the egg stays in its box until i can fix the bottom because it got broke by my mail person bc hes scared of the dogs :( but ill have it fixed this winter :)
5.) I was so excited....no excited can't even explain it all I was just overwhelmed with it but also scared because my computer wouldn't pull up the email or anything so when i finally got on i was like hey..Omg!! no way haha and was worried i had missed it :) It's something i cherish with all my being ..thank you so much L.J.Smith
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Jennifer Martin
+6 # RE: Contest Winner's CircleJennifer Martin 2011-12-09 10:23
1. Jennifer
2.Cassie Book of Shadows
3.Book of shadows and pen
4.Hidden from my sisters!(lol)
5. First thing I've every won. Kept reading the email over and over just to make sure it was real. Thank you so much L.J. Smith. I can't believe all the wonderful things you do for you fans.
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+7 # Winner :)!Dominika 2011-12-12 16:55
1.Dominika Warecka
2.One of the 12 snowflake stockings
3.5 wonderful jewels,small jewlery box,candy :) ,4 tree ornaments, wonderful stocking :)
4.They are still in their little boxes, waiting safely till i buy for them their own pretty box, that will match their apperance.
5.I could only believe that i won when i got the package. This and the day when i got the"CONGRATULAT IONS"email, were one of my best days! I am SO happy and i enjoy looking at those beautiful prizes all the time! Thank you SOOOO much!
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Julie Cole
+8 # Winners Circle !Julie Cole 2011-12-13 16:42
1. Julie Cole
2. Snowflake Stocking Contest
3. Heart cameo w/Elena holding child Damon engraved "Love is Eternal the child Damon", Heart necklace w/bow & black sapphires & white diamonds, heart jewel box w/a ring inside, a heart ornament and a couple more beautiful rings & a crystal pendant thats says JOY!
4. The stocking is hanging on the fireplace with everything inside it except the JOY pendant, it is pinned on my winter coat.
5. Thank you Lisa! I never thought I would win a stocking and was shocked to find the email with CONGRATULATIONS in my inbox, I had to ask my husband to confirm that I was not seeing things. I will treasure the jewelry and I am sure my daughters are going to try and talk me out of the Elena & Damon cameo, I might let them wear it you never know.... Thank you again, and I thoroughly enjoy reading your books and Night World is my favorite :)
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Alex M.
+7 # Holy taco!Alex M. 2011-12-22 18:51
1. Alex M.
2. Bonnie's Opal Ring
3. Opal Ring and signed copy of Shadow Souls
4. I have it sitting on my desk and I wear it occasionally but, in most cases, am completely terrified to. D:
5. WELL, in short, I'm not used to winning anything or having many exciting things happen to me (after all, this is South Dakota, boring land of prairies and corn), and this was an oh-my-good-grav y-I-think-I-am- going-to-collap se-and-die-beca use-this-is-so- exciting kind of moment.
Oh, yeah, and the ring has got to be the prettiest one I've ever seen. I LOVE OPALS. The diamonds and gold surrounding the opal are beautiful as well. It also always makes my heart skip a little beat when I look at my autographed book. :D
L.J.'s works are amazing and I thank her very much for this opportunity!
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+17 # Winners CircleRosa 2011-12-25 00:15
1. Rosa Sawyers
2. Snowflake Stocking Contest,
3. The amazingly beautiful Circle Daybreak Tiffany Key necklace, another amazing tiffany necklace and matching ring, three other stunning necklaces, a really beautiful ring and some cute christmas ornaments and some sweets.
4. Some are still wrapped up neatly in their lovely boxes, one is round my neck and some are on my jewelry stand looking amazing!
5. I've honestly never been happier! I've entered all the contests never thinking i'd win so when I got my email, well i've never been so shocked, i've never won anything before so it was a huge surprise! Thank you SO much for this amazing opportunity, Your books are amazing and I can't wait to read more! X
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Elayne Tan
+6 # Winner's CircleElayne Tan 2011-12-26 21:48
1. Elayne Tan
2. Snowflake Stocking Contest
3. Snowflake Prize no.5 - a gorgeous jewel blue heart-shaped ring, no. 18 - a purple jeweled ring, no.2 - An elegant pale blue rose-shaped ring no.45 - A gorgeous silver Tiffany card-holder (I'm not sure), two gorgeous necklaces, two ornaments, two candies and some rings.
4. In my room hung proudly beside my laptop which is where I always come online ^^
5. I think I had just gone to heaven when the Post Express man came up to my house and carrying a huge rectangular box and said, "You have a package from the United States." I was shaking as I opened the parcel bit by bit. Thank you so much Ms Lisa, and I can't wait for your new books to make their mark in the world. ^^
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+6 # Damon Doll!!Iram 2011-12-31 15:12
1. Iram
2. Damon Doll
3. Lovely Robert Tonner Damon Doll
4. Standing proudly on my bedside table so I can dream about him every time I go to sleep - Hee hee
5. Honest to God I've never won a thing in my life and I love dolls so I thought I was dreaming when I saw my name on the winner's list! Thank you Ms. Smith soo much for your amazing books and prizes and generosity. I love you!!! :lol: :lol:
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Nichole Pruitt
+4 # Winner's CircleNichole Pruitt 2012-01-05 14:44
1. Nicki
2. Snowflake Stocking Contest
3. A beautiful silver star necklace, stunning pale blue stone neckalce, gorgeous rings (3) that, yay!! all fit! some candies and an ornamet :) and my beautiful snowflake stocking!
4. I am wearing 2 of the rings right now! and I had my stocking hanging on my bulletin board at work :) Now it is packed away to be put up next year.
5. Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH LISA! I cant begin to express how thankful I am at your kindness and generosity for all the beautiful items I won and taking the time to do this for all of us. As I said when I won, I was having such a bad weekend, and then I received your email saying CONGRADULATIONS ! And, it made me so happy, like many others, I like never win stuff, and wow! This is the best! I am still so happy and thank you so much! Happy New years everyone!! :-)
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+6 # Contest Winner's CircleLarissa 2012-01-07 08:15
1. Larissa(Lissa) Girard
2. The Snowflakes Stockings Contest
3. Five beautiful necklaces, a bracelet, a ring, a pair of earrings, a jewel box, a Christmas ornament, candy and beautiful new stocking!!
4. Some of the jewelry is sitting safely in my jewelry box and I am always wearing some of it! Now I am wearing the rose quartz necklace and matching earrings and the white gold and gem stone ring! They are so gorgeous!!
5. I have never been lucky when it came to contests and winning! But when I got the email saying I had been selected as the twelfth and final winner I cried because I was so happy and I started to hyperventilate and run around my house! :lol: This is one of the best things ever! And winning it from L.J.Smith just made it THAT much more important to me! So I just want to say thank you Ms.Smith for this amazing gift. This is one Christmas and Christmas present I will always cherish and never forget! Thank you! :-)
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+2 # RE: Contest Winner's Circlejeannette 2012-01-15 14:20
Jeannette I won an autograph book from l.j smith and it is on my self with all of my favorite l.j smith books which is everything she has wrote
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+4 # Winner's CircleAlyssa 2012-02-02 11:42
1. Alyssa
2. Naming the Arc
3. Signed copy of Midnight and a Card
4. displayed in my L.J.Smith section of my bookshelf.
5.Midnight came out right after my birthday so I got that one signed...since it was the last one SHE wrote of the series...it came wrapped for my birthday and a personalized birthday card from L.JSmith...Will cherish both for life!!!
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+4 # RE: Contest Winner's CircleBre 2012-03-05 15:19
1. Bre
2. Twin Fox Ring
3.Autographed copy of Shadow Souls.
4. On top of my entertainment center so I see it evry morning when I wake up.
5. Winning was amazing because not only did I get my favorite authors autoraph on one of my favorite books, but she personally e-mailed me telling me that I won (:
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+4 # DianaGuest 2012-12-11 21:48
1. Diana (But I'm a Cassie fan, Sorry, Diana from the story)
2. Good Witch, Bad Witch Contest
3. The Good Witch Set (an absolutely beautiful blue chalcedony teardrop necklace with matching chalcedony teardrop earrings, an eye-catching sugar stacks ring, and a dreamy looking bracelet made of chalcedony, amazonite and moonstone beads) and a signed card from one of my favorite authors since I was a teen: Ms. L.J. Smith.
4. Currently, they are next to my laptop because I just wan to look at them.
5. It's not even Christmas yet and I have already received just a sweet gift. Thank you Lisa, for the card and the lovely jewelry. Merry Christmas and thank you very much!
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+4 # Darjeeling-Winn er!Guest 2012-12-19 11:55
1. Michelle/Darjeeling
2. Bonnie's Celtic Stacking Ring Contest
3. 14 ct. Gold Claddagh Ring
4. On my right hand to signify I am a spoken for lady!
5. I just received it and it is on my finger and I will never take it off!!! (except when playing with water or cleaning fluids:P. I cannot express the giddiness I feel at this moment! THANK YOU, LISA!!! This is the perfect gift to get right before Christmas! This ring is gorgeous! I am Irish so I am really, really loving it!

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Rachel Pinnell
+3 # Winner's CircleRachel Pinnell 2013-07-21 16:42
1. Tornstripe/Rachel
2. Dark Valentine's Day Contest
3. Black rose/signed copy of TVD: Nightfall
4. In a secret location in my drawer where nothing will happen to it, so I can take it out whenever I want ^^
5. Late in posting this here, but then, it was also a long time before I got it, but it was worth it. Thank you so much Lisa. I treasure it so much I hardly take it out for fear of something happening to it or the book.
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