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The Vampire Diaries Mystery Coffin Contest

on Friday, 18 October 2013 11:28. Posted in Contests


Laughing Blair Michelle D of Shreveport LA, USA has checked-in. Congratulations!!


Laughing Rotem A. of Modiin, Israel has checked-in. Congratulations!!



  • Blair Michelle D. of Shreveport LA, USA

  • Rotem A. of Modiin, Israel


logo Alchemy-website-logo-2013

This contest just got bigger and better!

The prizes for this contest have just doubled in size and gotten infinitely better in quality! Worldwide-renowned Alchemy of England / Alchemy Gothic 1977 handmade products are now available as prizes, and anyone, from anywhere in the world, can enter.

logo Alchemy of England Gothic BWThere will be two identical Alchemy Gothic 1977 leather coffin purses available. And they’ll contain jewelry that will knock your eyes out!

We all love our romantic, mysterious Gothic accessories, right?  What could be more appropriate than a Vampire Diaries Contest that involves a coffin full of rotting old bones and scraps of mummified skinGoth/vampire romance mystery items?

​And this is no ordinary coffin! This is a discontinued, almost-impossible-to-purchase gorgeous, luxurious leather shoulder bag / backpack that looks like the coffin of a vampire prince made by none other than ALCHEMY OF ENGLAND, the brand that has a worldwide following of its handmade goods. Alchemy Gothic 1977 is the byword for incredible quality and uniquely decadent Gothic jewelry and other accessories!
Coffin-shaped-handbag-burgundy-Prince-of-Wallachia's 1First, a word about Alchemy of England and Alchemy Gothic 1977 items (which are available at select stores online, including Amazon.com—and which will be available at www.alchemyofengland.com in 2014!)  
Coffin-shaped-handbag-burgundy-Prince-of-Wallachia's 2Their stunning goods are hand-crafted, using only the finest materials by highly skilled craftsmen and artists in Sheffield, England. Metal used in the manufacture of all Alchemy's pewter items is the highest grade (92% tin alloy to BSS5140 standard) of pewter, known as English Pewter. World-renowned Alchemy of England has been producing a unique range of Gothic Jewelry and Giftware for over three decades!  
Coffin-shaped-handbag-burgundy-Prince-of-Wallachia's 3The particular drop-dead gorgeous bag shown is named after the “Prince of Wallachia ”, who was also known by his patronymic name: Dracula. He was a member of the Order of the Dragon, and after he died, was affectionately called Vlad the Impaler (because of staking his victims’ bodies). Isn’t history interesting?
Here are the specifics on the ALCHEMY GOTHIC 1977 shoulder bag: Stunningly handcrafted in sumptuous, antiqued burgundy-red leather, it is debossed with an Orthodox cross surmounted by a pewter Order of the Dragon crest.  The bag is internally divided with two zipped compartments, one opening from the top and the other from the side. The adjustable strap can be moved to orient the bag vertically or horizontally, or for use as a backpack. Again, this is an almost-impossible-to-find item, made in England by Alchemy Gothic. Cost: $263.00 or possibly your soul (bet you didn’t pay that for your last handbag / backpack!)

​Okay, so how did the original coffin of The Prince of Wallachia come into the possession of Damon Salvatore of The Vampire Diaries?  Well . . . it’s generally accepted that as time goes by vampires tend to accumulate two things: enemies and money!  Damon certainly had plenty of both.  So during his wicked years as leader of a band of mercenaries, he could well have raided the estate of the one-time Prince of Wallachia . . . or, much later, he could have bought the coffin at one of the stores that carry Alchemy Gothic 1977 merchandise.  
However he did it, he did it, and now you, dear reader, can have a handmade leather replica, filled with the kind of loot that a proper vampire would collect or commission for his new Princess of Darkness!
What you will find in / with the burgundy bag: a Vampire Diaries book autographed by me to you!
The sort of things you might find in the burgundy bag—but NO promises and certainly not all of them! Some of these are more expensive than the bag!
One or more incredible pieces of Alchemy Gothic 1977/ Alchemy of England jewelry.  Or, for authenticity’s sake, I should say “jewellery”—which is the proper English way to spell this. See some sample items below:
  • Necklaces like She Walks In Beauty, Passion, Bed of Blood Roses, Empress Eugenie’s Blue Heart Diamond, or Bleeding Heart
  • Rings or earrings, or bracelets to match

  • Handmade black lace fingerless gloves from Czechoslovakia
  • A ring, necklace, choker or bracelet with a black or blood-red rose cameo
  • A vial of essence of Black Rose perfume
  • An Alchemy Gothic 1977 hairband featuring shimmering feathers and a pewter image of a crow
  • A very petite but surprisingly expensive black diamond flower ring
  • Antique lapis lazuli earrings, set in gold, with gold flecks in the blue
  • A bottle of Dark Matter holographic black nail polish
  • A little black book for addresses from Tiffany
  • A lacy black crow mask, perfect for masquerades
  • A garter with a black or red rose and lace or ribbon
  • A beautiful handmade black rosebud greeting card that’s blank inside
  • A necklace featuring a crow against a vivid red background
  • A pocket-sized diary with a lavender rose crushed velvet cover
  • Black lace mitts or gloves in a flower pattern


Longer answer: Anyone from any country!
Longest answer . . . Please read! Anyone can enter this contest now, and it will go on for an extra two weeks to get us past the Thanksgiving holidays in the USA.  However, if you live in another country, be aware that you are responsible for any taxes, duties, tariffs that your country might levy.
Note: If you do not check in when your name is posted on this website or respond to your CONGRATULATIONS! email within three days, a new winner will be drawn in your place.


 OPTION #1 – Using this site's eMail form.
  1. Press icon below (at the bottom of this page) then fill in the necessary form fields.

  2. Select "Contest" under the "To" field (Current Contest Title will automatically fill in for you.)

  3. WRITE YOUR FULL NAME, ADDRESS, AND PHONE NUMBER WITHIN THE BODY OF THE eMAIL. No, this is not because I’m going to call you. It’s for shipping. Plus, I want one more piece of information:the color of your eyes (or if you’re a lad or lass who doesn’t wear makeup, your girlfriend’s/sister’s/mother’s eyes). ONLY ENTRIES WITH THIS INFORMATION WILL BE VALID. Also, you may write any additional message to me, L. J. Smith.
  4. Then click "Send."
OPTION #2 – Using your own eMail application.
  1. Send eMail to:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  2. In the Subject Field, type: The Vampire Diaries Mystery Coffin Contest. (Please, please, please don’t just write “Contest” or any other variation. Your entry will not be valid!)
  3. Write your full name, address, AND PHONE NUMBER, within the email. No, this is not because I’m going to call you. It’s because I need it to ship your prize. Plus, I want one more piece of information:the color of your eyes (or if you’re a lad or lass who doesn’t wear makeup, your girlfriend’s/sister’s/mother’s eyes). ONLY ENTRIES WITH ALL THIS INFORMATION WILL BE VALID. Also, you may write any additional message to me, L. J. Smith.
  4. Then send the email.


The Vampire Diaries Mystery Coffin Contest will run from October 20, 2013 until December 1, 2013.
Then a winner will be drawn from the list of the valid entries, sent a CONGRATULATIONS email and posted on my site, www.ljanesmith.net. Once Again: If the winner does not respond within three days, a new winner will be drawn.
BTW: Don’t bother to enter if you don’t have a non-P.O. box address that you can give, or if you never check your email, because if I can’t get an address from you I can’t send you your prize.  Incidentally, I have no interest at all in sending you anything other than your prize, as everyone who has ever won a prize from my contest will affirm.


Also one winner per street address and one entry per email address —and I mean this. I can see on my Outlook program how many times you have entered and people who do double or more entries will be banned from the contest.  And don’t go to the trouble of making a bunch of extra email accounts, either, because it’s likely that you’ll forget them or the password by the end of the contest and then you’ll lose your prize.

Good luck in winning The Vampire Diaries Mystery Coffin Contest!