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Strange Fate Chapter 1 Outline with Ch. 1 Download

on Monday, 04 February 2013 19:39. Posted in 2013

Strange Fate Ch 1 Outline :

Ash and redhead:
Ash: I’m trying to make amends for the harm that I did to you.
Madelyn: At two o’clock in the morning in a cemetery?  Are you crazy?  First you stalk me and hide out in my closet so you can come out once I’m asleep in bed—”
“I didn’t stalk you.  I don’t need to stalk you.  I just used a little magic to come in your bedroom window—”
“And now you’re telling me all kinds of impossible lies—“
“They’re not lies.  I don’t lie anymore—well, not much anymore, and if you’d just give me a chance—“
“If you think this is the way to win a girl’s heart, then I have a hot news flash for you—”
“But it is the way to win a girl’s heart.  Um . . . not your heart, is sort of the point.  Someone else’s . . .”
“You brought me out here to talk about some other girl?”
Madelyn hits him.
Ash explains:

  • Who he is
  • What he is
  • What the Night World is
  • What he’s trying to do for his soulmate
  • Who Mary-Lynnette is 

Ash is divided into boredom of going through rote explanations (Madelyn is Lightly Bitten Girl #97) and an uncanny sense that something is around.  That something is stalking him.

Eventually he turns around, sees nothing, looks higher …  and higher … and higher … and sees evil red eyes staring down at him.    His mind reels.  He sees a flash of purple, shouts, “Look out” to Madelyn and dives for her.  She dodges, spraying him with pepper spray.  He staggers back; there is a black (violet-edged) flame like a burst from a flame-thrower and then there is only Ash, and a white silhouette of a woman on a charcoal-black wall.  Dreamily, Ash goes and scrapes a little of the charcoaled blackness off the wall outside the shadow when he once again feels something behind him.  He whirls and finds himself staring at Sarah: description (aquamarine eyes, ordinary face, mouse-brown hair).

Sarah wakes up, tosses mouse-brown hair off her face, and realizes she is late for school.


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