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on Monday, 02 September 2013 13:13. Posted in 2013

Just a word about the prizes to be given in the Fan Art Contest.  I originally had in mind only five winners, but the excellence of so many artists who contributed their works to the contest made me think that ten would be more reasonable. 
Then, however, there were a number of ties in the actual voting on Forum, so more or less by force, we now have (I believe) thirteen artists vying for the prizes to be had in the contest.
FanArtContest WinnerCertificate1
I know that at the beginning the First Place Prize was to include an Art Kit, but these kits would be of no use to many of the contest’s artists, who use computer graphics of other means of creating their works.  Thus, now the prizes will all include Certificates and only Certificates.
Let me explain in more detail.  Each winner will be given a Certificate to be spent at The Crystal Realm, which is where the list of possible prizes comes from.  The Certificates are beautifully designed by Mr. Usok Choe, the Site Administrator—please see the sample on the left.
Winners will be given in the following amounts:

    •    First Place Winner – $1,000.00
    •    Second Place Winner – $750.00
    •    Third Place Winner – $500.00
    •    Honorable Mention – $200.00 (there will be 10 of these)
The winners may shop as they please by sending an email to Mandira at The Crystal Realm, who will have a list of each of the winner’s names and the amounts that they can spend.  Dollars left over after the winner has bought enough merchandise to approach the amount of their Certificate will go toward shipping costs.  The one thing a winner cannot do is to buy something at The Crystal Realm and then get cash in return.  These prizes are not cash prizes, and I’ve worked quite hard to make sure that The Crystal Realm has something for every budget.  I will pay for any shipping costs that are left over after a winner has chosen her or his prizes.  So the idea is: shop till you drop and try to make the most of your Certificate!
Thank you for voting in the poll to choose the final winners in the Fan Art Contest.
Good luck to all the artists involved!
~ Lisa