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Emails; I Get Emails

on 01 August 2013. Posted in 2013

Just thought I might share some emails I’ve gotten recently—or emails that I felt were special—and my (sometimes horribly long-winded) answers to them.  Please do write to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; I read all my email and enjoy them tremendously. BTW, I still do not have a pub date for Strange Fate (sorry, sorry).

Subject: Dear L. J. Smith Please reply to me as soon as possible !
Hi L.J Smith! I can't believe I am contacting you ! This is just such an honor to me !
I had to contact you after I watched all the episodes of the first season of : "The Secret Circle" ! I am a very BIG fan of you and that series especially !
When I FINALLY found it online after I did the impossible to find it so I can watch it, I found a problem ! I REALLY wanna watch a second season of it !! And I wanted to ask you if you can write a second season And I personally wanna watch it not read the book ! And to be honest I am NOT the only one who wants that ! On that website I watched it on , Everybody wanted a second season ! So if you made a second season , Everybody is gonna watch it !
Hi (sagira?)
I’m so sorry; you’re writing to the wrong person.  I do not create the TV episodes.  You might try to write to Warner Brothers to petition them if you want more episodes of The Secret Circle.  I only wrote the first trilogy of the books, and I am not allowed to say anything about the series except that I no longer am able to write it due to a contract I signed twenty years ago.

Subject: A fan in México in Distress.
I don't know if you might read this, but I will send it with the hope that you might do.
My name is Luis, I am from Mexico and I'm 19 years Old.
I am a huge fan of yours, and I love your way of writing.
I want to study literature, and creative writing, but my parents think that I won't make it.
I love writing, and I do it every moment I can, and I also love reading.
and I would love to ask you two things; First of all, should I follow my dream even if my family disapproves ?
And second how can I concentrate in just one project at a time?, you see I have a problem when I'm writing and it is that my mind is always getting new ideas about things to write of and when I am writing in one of my projects, I start getting ideas, stories, etc.
And I am working in like 5 projects at a time. ( I wouldn't like to call them books because I am not a professional yet)
For your attention and your amazing books which have inspired me.
Thank you.
Forever yours, Luis☽❍☾. (A guy!  Wow!--Lisa)
Hi Luis—
Thank you very much for writing to me.  I am so pleased that you enjoy my writing, especially since you're an older teen.
I love to hear from my readers in Mexico, because my mother was a Spanish teacher and I was an exchange student to Mexico City for a summer when I was very young (back when dinosaurs ruled the earth). :-)
I completely understand your dilemma about whether to try to be a writer and hope to make a living at that, but having parents who think you should do something more practical.  I had exactly the same problem with my parents when I went to college.  
It's very difficult to tell you what to do, but I do know that there is a worldwide economic recession.  That has implications for all writers, including me.  Still, I would never have been happy if I hadn't become a full-time writer and it is my greatest joy.
All in all, I would advise you to perhaps take both creative writing/literature classes and some other kind of classes that can help you get a "transitioning" job, so that you can earn a living while writing your first books.  Is there any other subject that interests you besides writing?  I chose to get graduate degrees in teaching and in psychology, and I worked as a teacher of special education students for three years before turning to writing full time.
I hope this is of some help.  As for concentrating on one story at a time; well, that is just one of the challenges of being a pro writer.  You have to discipline yourself to keep returning to the same story.  The more you make yourself do it, the easier it becomes.  Good Luck!

Subject: Burning question
Hello Miss Smith,
I'm a fan of the vampire diaries (books, can't stand the show). So thank you for writing wonderful books that fuse a little bit of everything into one. My question is short and sweet. Do you feel that the ghost writers that have written on in the series have done a fair job? Or do you think they could of done a tad bit better. It's sad when I can tell writing styles apart from two authors. That means I'm REALLY! paying attention.
All the best,
Your fan,
Jonathan Jones
P.S. Do a book signing in South Alabama! Itching to get your signature on one of my books!
Hello Mr. Jones,
I’m so sorry, but I can't answer your simple question, as I have never read a word of the ghostwriter's work.  I have heard many other people's opinions of it, but it really wouldn't be fair for me to judge something with which I have no direct experience.  
Thank you, sir, for your kind words and for writing to me.  I hope soon to institute a process by which I can offer signed bookplates (and attractive ones) to any who want them.

Subject: Your books
Dear L.J Smith. I wanted to tell you how much I love all your books! ALL of them! It's pretty rare to like ALL of an author's books, but believe me- I practically worship your stories. You are an amazing writer. I love the characters you create, especially the guy characters like Quinn ("The Chosen") and Gabriel ("Dark Visions"). I hate that "The Forbidden Game" ended so sad, I really loved Julian, but at least your stories have a variety of endings, some sad, some happy.
I wanted to ask, where do you get your inspiration from? Most of your books are about vampires or paranormal. Are you a believer? :)
-Katie Jaydee.
Hi Katie—
Am I a believer?  Well, let’s say I keep an open mind. :-)  It certainly would be wonderful if magic could be true, and I searched for it diligently throughout my childhood, but I’m a bit like Mary-Lynnette the astronomer from the Night World book/story Daughters of Darkness, who finds a lot of magic in the real world.  Did you know that there are suns quite close by that are a thousand times bigger than our sun?  Can you imagine that?  Wow.
I have had a couple of spooky things happen to me: my name whispered at night in a parking lot where there was no one to speak; my apocryphal stalking of a pure white stag at dusk . . . but on the whole, I tend to believe in experimentation.
Thank you so much for writing me with kind words about my books.  That’s the fuel that keeps authors running, you know?
Lisa, who hopes something magical happens to you!
Subject: From A Devoted Fan
I send many emails to you, even though with your hectic schedule I bet you don't have time to read mine, but pressing the send button is a huuugeee step!
Here In England, internet is probably a life saver, and while doing my daily search of release dates, I found a letter from you to a girl.
I know it was a while ago, and if i'm opening up old wounds, please don't carry on, but it's about The Vampire Diaries. Here’s the link to what I saw [link to article about my eviction from The Vampire Diaries].
This email seemed so, so sad, and i'm writing today, not to plead for release dates and extra info, but to just say, sorry. I can't believe anyone could do this and you don't deserve it. I couldn't believe they did this, and just to let you know, me and many others, have refused to buy any more TVD unless written and confirmed personally by your hand.
I can see this must be difficult, and so sorry for the length, but I hope you are okay and know that you’re a truly brilliant writer. I've laughed, cried and gasped at your books, I don't want it to stop now.
From, Lucy.
P.S Sometimes we have to get back up when you've been knocked down. After all, Damon wouldn't ever leave his little redbird, would he? :)
Hi Lucy—
It’s true that I usually don’t have time to answer emails, much less do so immediately—but some emails I just can’t let go without a personal acknowledgment.  Yours was one of the latter.
I thank you so much for your kindness, sympathy, and loyalty.  You are the sort of reader I envision when I am writing.  It’s you I want to please.  And I think you’ll be a good luck charm (I’m a shameless Anglophile, and after all you bear the name of the heroine of C. S. Lewis’s Narnia Chronicles: Lucy.)
So far both the majority of readers and the book industry have been quite kind to me.  I have finished (even, yes, as I work on Strange Fate) a book called The Last Lullaby which was picked up by all sorts of different countries before a final draft was delivered, and that includes England.  It’s my debut “serious writer” book, but I’ve put all the love I feel about writing into it and I’m hoping that my readers will enjoy it.  So far, it is scheduled to come out in 2014, which is a long time to wait, but perhaps Strange Fate will beat it.
Thank you again, Lucy, for writing me an email I couldn’t pass up, and for making me smile when I needed to.  I hope that you will stop by www.ljanesmith.net and maybe even join the Forum there.  Everyone would be thrilled to meet you.
(Don’t think I didn’t catch the Bamon reference, either.  Believe me, in my world—as opposed to the ghostwriter’s—there is definitely still a romantic connection between Bonnie and Damon.  Bonnie has as much chance as anyone for Damon’s hand.) :-)

Subject: [NONE]
Dear Lisa !
It's again me, Julia. I wrote to you a few months ago. I've got a question . If you could write The Vampire Diaries ,  who would Elena choose? Stefan or Damon ? ;)
Best regards from Poland !
Julia Bieniek
Hi Julia—
Bet you never expected to get an answer this late.  I'm as sorry as I can be that I'm so swamped with emails.
Your question, though, is one that many people ask of me, and you asked it so succinctly that I want to answer.
I'm sorry, though, that the answer is a null.  I can't tell you who Stefan or Damon or Elena or Bonnie or Meredith end up with.  I know, but it would make for a long and complicated novel, and it's a secret.
So sorry that I can't let the secret out yet.  But thank you for writing to me all the way from Poland.  I'd love to visit there--I have some Polish ancestry on my mom's side.

Subject: Devoted fan!
hi there! My name is Kenya Red and I'm a high school senior in a small town in Oklahoma. I just wanted to let you know exactly How much of a gift your writing is to not only me, but countless other fans out there. I have read your novels throughout my school career and they are a cherished part of my childhood. I devour literally every book of yours that I have access to. You have such talent, I'm both in awe and envious of your literary genius. You are without a doubt my favorite author. your works make me laugh, cry and sit on the edge of my seat. Please keep doing what you're doing, exactly the way you have been. you don't know how much strength I Drew from your heroines; I wouldn't have survived the awkward years, bullying and heartbreak without your books. Thank you.  
Always your biggest fan,
Kenya Red
PS I always wanted to tell you how for two years I signed my name as Kenya Redfern, that's how insane I was and still am over your work. Haha:)
Sent from Yahoo! Mail on Android
Hi Kenya—
Your kind words and very sweet message impressed and touched me deeply.  I am so sorry for the brutality of young adulthood—I guess that is one reason I write books aimed at a YA audience.  Bullies should be boiled in oil—or brimstone.  I am delighted to know that my books provided you pleasure and perhaps a bit of escape at times.  You are the kind of reader that I love to write for.  Intelligent, literate, and undoubtedly born to do great things in the future.  Thank you so much for taking the time to share your story with me.  I will cherish it.  And . . . please believe me when I say I am trying to get Strange Fate out as fast as I can, as well as my other new book, The Last Lullaby, which has a pub date of 2014.  I am hoping Strange Fate may come out even earlier than that, but cannot promise anything.  But I will write some short stories for my website (www.ljanesmith.net) and perhaps for another place that is a secret for now. :-)
All best wishes to you,

Subject: A thank you note
Hi!:) I'm a really big fan of yours!:) I live all of the books you have written! I first read "Dark Visions" and I instantly fell in love with it and then I read "Forbidden game" it was an awesome book! I also read "The Vampire Diaries" and it was hands down amazing!:) My most favorite is the trilogy "Night World"! :)) I love the soul-mate principle!!! This book made my heart melt! I am a really big fan of your books! I actually started being a book worm because of your books!:) you made me see things in a entirely different way!:) i want to thank you for giving me such an experience to read your books! Thank you for letting me see things and learn things!:) your books helped me through my teens! Thank you so much!! I hope you will write more books in the future!
God bless! And I hope your life will be full if joy!:)
Your biggest fan
- Anna:)
P.S It would really mean so much to me  if i would get a reply back from you!:) please!:))
Hi Anna--
Thank you for a truly lovely and touching message to me.  I deeply appreciate your kind words about my books.  Also, I'm just delighted that you have enjoyed all my books, and that you like Night World and the concept of soulmates so much.  As you may know, I'm working on the very last of the Night World books, Strange Fate, and people keep asking when it will be done, but it is already 750+ pages long and there is much more to the story!  I'm going to try to get my publishers to print it in two volumes.
You made me so happy by saying that my books helped you become a bookworm!  This is what every author wants to hear.  Honestly, tears came to my eyes as I read your email, and I wish you every kind of joy and blessing on earth. I hope that you will find your soulmate (or perhaps you have already found him?) and live happily ever after!  And may you always love reading!
L. J. Smith


+3 # RE: Emails; I Get EmailsGuest 2013-08-08 14:10

I'd just like to say how much I love your books, ever since I read The Secret Vampire when I was seven years old. I've been waiting over ten years for the last instalment, and I know you must hear this a lot but I really had hoped you'd have put your new book aside to concentrate on Strange Fate, you give your loyal fans the book and the closure we've been waiting so long for.

Unfortunately I have health issues which means by the looks of things I won't get to read Strange Fate, but I re read your others all the time. I hope you can find the time and mindset to finish it soon for your fans. X Emma
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+1 # RE: Emails; I Get EmailsMichelle 2013-08-09 12:19
Hello Emma, I am sorry to hear that your health is poor :sad: . I am not sure if you read through all LJ's replies or not, but she hopes Strange Fate (SF) will be out next year! As far as new books being put before SF, The Last Lullaby was not intended. It started out as a part of SF but became over 700 pages on it's own! Miss Smith decided to go back and remove the whole story from SF and make it its own stand alone story.

As far as her writing in other series such as The Vampire Diaries (TVD) and The Secret Circle (TSC), she was under contract to write them until 2011 when they were taken over by other authors against her will. She signed a contract that ended up causing her a lot of heartache and her losing both of those series. Any book that was published in TVD series after The Return: Midnightare written by ghostwriters and only the 1st 3 original books in TSC were written by LJ.
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+1 # RE: Emails; I Get EmailsMichelle 2013-08-09 12:20
I hope you get well soon, I know how it feels to be ill. I suffer chronic illness myself.
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0 # Dark visionsGuest 2016-01-11 16:56
Hello. My name is Veronica and I was wondering if you were going to write a sequel to the Dark Visions series, because on some pages on the internet it says that the next book is called Blindsight but it doesn't say a publication day. I was wondering if this is true and when is it going to come out or if the ghostwriter is actually the one who's going to write it. Thank you so much for your time. I really hope to hear soon from you.
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-1 # Strange FateGuest 2013-08-10 13:04
hello, this message is in regards to Strange Fate novel. I am so in love with all of L J Smiths books and characters, but I am now 30 years old and started reading them when I was just finishing primary school! I understand everything about family issues and health issues and all the set backs of life, but I am so hoping that Strange Fate would be published before The last lullaby, as it was promised a long time ago, and last lullaby is about characters mentioned in strange fate. And two volumes? I guess any volume at this point would be great, but that just means waiting longer for the end and I've been waiting a long time! Any book out by Lisa after all this time would be worth reading though, so I am waiting impatiently for this to happen. I am not meaning to be negative in anyway, I am extremely excited for the end of Strange Fate!I guess I can't rush good writer to get the perfect ending, but surely L J Smith knows how long some of her fans have been waiting.
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0 # RE: Emails; I Get EmailsGuest 2014-05-09 19:00
I truly am a huge fan and love your series the vampire diaries and dream to one day meet you and get my vampire diaries books signed. :lol: Thanks for listening!
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0 # The contractDylita 2014-05-10 15:24
Ms.LJ, are you going to except the contracts to write TVD or continue doing the fanfic, when will the rest be released?
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-1 # strange fateANTHONY H GLEZ 2014-05-30 21:14
hi i want to know were i can find one of your last books (STRANGE FATE). CAN YOU PLEASE HELP ME: ANTHONY FROM PUERTO RICO
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0 # Strange fateGuest 2014-07-12 13:48
Hi lj I just finished the third book of the night world series and I absolutely loved it plz plz plz tell me when it's going to be released or of it already released because I have looked everywhere and have no found it I looked on amazon it said it's not avavible and I looked at Walmart and target and it is not there ether and then online some people said it isn't going to be realsed until 2030 is this true? Plz answer ASAP . Thank u for ur time
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0 # EmailGuest 2014-08-19 20:40
I sent you a email plz write as soon as you can
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0 # faninkaGuest 2016-01-05 10:46
Dobrý den, je mi 13 let a žiju v české republice. v takovém městečku :) Víte chci vám jenom říct že máte můj veliký, ale opravdu moc veliký obdiv. Měla jsem číst knihu do školy a napsat o ní referát za měsíc. Nikdy bych nečekala že do měsíce přečtu knihu, protože mě to vůbec nebaví. Sestra mi ale půjčila knihu, knihu o které nevěděla že ji má a nikdy ji nečetla. Od té doby jsem si vás zamilovala. První kniha co jsem četla byla: TEMNÉ VIZE. no WOW! knihu jsem přečetla ani né za měsíc a do referátu o ní jsem napsala úplně vše co jsem si pamatovala. No teď knihy miluju. ale jen ty od vás. jste moc fajn spisovatelka a to je moc důležité! Nikdy s tím nepřestávejte, prtože by to byla velká škoda.
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0 # faninkaGuest 2016-01-05 10:47
tak...prý to bylo moc dlouhé :D tady je zbytek:
Teď kupuju vaše knihy ':D ... doufám že nevadí že píšu česky a že si to někdo z vás dokáže přeložit... :( s velkým obdivem vás moc pozdravuju a děkuji za všechno co jste kdy napsala, protože díky vám zapomínám na své problémy... a že jich je moooc! :( help me! :o vaše knihy žeru! :)) s obdivem a velkou uctou Nici.
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