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on Monday, 11 June 2012 23:42. Posted in 2012

img thendThe rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated. Yes, I am alive. I’m even writing frantically night and day. I’ll give more details about that later, but meanwhile I’d like to answer a question I get very frequently in my emails. It is “how would THE VAMPIRE DIARIES endgame have played out?” or “Who would end up with whom? Or “Who would Elena pick? So I’d like to share my answer to an email I got today, and maybe allow other people to understand the situation.

Hi Heather--

Thank you so much for your kind words about my works! I do deeply appreciate readers who have gone beyond THE VAMPIRE DIARIES and you and Dominika have gone waaaaay beyond! :) Thank you! Do you know, everyone asks me the question, what would the endgame have been like in TVD? Who would win the Grand Prize (Damon)? You may not believe it but there are many readers who would like to see Elena with Stefan and Bonnie with Damon. And since I wrote scenes showing that they care for each other, that's logical.

The problem with asking me "Who would Elena pick?" is that I had planned to write at least five other books--long books, not like the ghostwriter's--with a lot of switching and turnabouts and secrets revealed and surprises before the endgame book. (In between books like the one where Stefan comes to out of unconsciousness with an almost-exsanguinated Elena in his arms (exsanguinated means drained of blood--but you knew that!). He can't remember anything--how they started sharing blood that night or anything else but he rushes Elena to the hospital and after many transfusions the doctors save her. Then Stefan, confused, but (of course!) bitterly guilty, Influences Elena to forget everything about him and their relationship and to think that Damon (who's a grade above them in college in my world) is her boyfriend and always has been. And when Elena wakes up that's just what she thinks. Stefan has warned (well, threatened) Elena's friends to leave the situation alone, so Elena spends weeks believing that Damon's always been her boyfriend. Damon, although startled and a little skeptical about whether the Influence will hold is naturally happy to play along, although he does some detective work when Stefan confesses that he has memory loss for the night he almost killed Elena. Elena goes on believing that Damon is her childhood sweetheart until . . . well, a lot of other things happen, but eventually Elena does remember Stefan. (And hits him a lot with a rolled up newspaper for Influencing her.)

The problem is I won't get to write that book or any of the others I had planned. I am over being upset about this, although I will always love Elena and Damon and Stefan and Bonnie AND MEREDITH.

But since I won't be feeling the emotions of Elena as she goes through all these problems and interacts with the boyz I can't imagine what state of mind she would be in the end. So I can't say for certain who she would choose.   I'm so sorry. And BTW, do you mind if I use this answer as a blog post? I really should post and this is a question I get constantly.


So, now I’ve posted and next I plan to start taking care of all my duties to the site that I’ve selfishly not been doing. I’m truly sorry about my absence from the site.

 ~ Lisa