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on Monday, 25 July 2011 16:54. Posted in 2011

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img_writer_03First, the Aspiring Author’s Contest was incredibly successful. I believe that there were about a hundred entries, many on the last two days of the contest. I still have a few more manuscript chapters to read, but when I have finished, I will announce the list of the winners, and email them with the news.

If you don’t win (or even if you do), and you want a try at getting a critique of your manuscript, you might check out Figment.com which is “a community where you can share your writing, connect with other readers, and discover new stories and authors.” I am joining myself, and will be looking over ten manuscripts from Figment starting later in the week. I am also adding it to the links from this site. (Permanent Link at 'Links / Publishers & Friends')

somewhere_in_timeSecond, in case you missed the announcement, all the Midnight Jewel Boxes were mailed last Saturday. If you don’t receive on in three weeks or so, email me MISSING JEWEL BOX (unless you are out of the USA, in which case please wait five weeks.)

Third, here is part of an email I sent to a fan who had a question for me.

If you desperately need a wicked vampire fix right now, try one of these Night World books by me: Night World 1: Secret Vampire (James & Ash), and Daughters of Darkness (Ash & Quinn); Night World 2: The Chosen (Quinn & Hunter Redfern and friends), and Soulmate (Thierry); or Night World 3: Huntress (Morgead and his street gang), and Black Dawn (Delos, Hunter Redfern, etc.).

There are also some very popular heroines here: Poppy (Secret Vampire), Mary-Lynnette (Daughters of Darkness), Hannah (Soulmate), Rashel (The Chosen), and Jez (Huntress).

If you want a very wicked magickal guy madly in love with a human girl, and determined to make her his, try The Forbidden Game. If you liked Damon and his obsession for Elena, you’ll like gorgeous Julian and his obsession for Jenny, guaranteed. Warning: this trilogy-in-one-book is a bit adult and addictive. And, yes, I am planning on a sequel.

If you want a different kind of vampire, one that feeds on life energy without spilling blood, but does it pretty much the same way as any vampire in bloodlust, try Gabriel the delinquent, fresh out of solitary and thrown into telepathic Kaitlyn’s way in Dark Visions. If you like Bonnie’s powers, you’ll like Kaitlyn’s. Debuted at #1 on the New York Times Bestseller List.

If you like the relationship between Stefan and Damon, try Adam and Nick in The Secret Circle. They both love Cassie, the gentle heroine, but their approaches are very different. This trilogy-in-two-books-now is the one that the CW picked up, and that will debut this fall. Kevin Williamson wrote the pilot.

Thank you again for caring about which books are written by me, as opposed to others.

 ~ Lisa