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Book of Shadows Contest Winners.

on Tuesday, 20 September 2011 13:39. Posted in 2011

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Platinum_Diary_Heart_Lock_Full_ViewI am extremely pleased to announce the winners of the Cassie's Book of Shadow Contest, and to ask for Ashley Bredon, who won a Book of Shadows and a pen in the contest, contact me to let me know if she realizes she's won.  We also had a no-show Grand Prize Winner (please, people, if you enter, remember to check your emails if you want to collect your prize). 

The new Grand Prize Winner is Tera H. of Wichita, Kansas, and her essay answer to the question of "Who does Cassie belong With” was this:

I have always believed Cassie should end up with Nick. I was in love with him from the moment he saved Cassie from the Henderson brothers in the hallway, and my affection never wavered. Two things make me think Nick is ideal for Cassie. First, he recognizes her strength and integrity before almost everyone else does (excluding Diana). At the same time, he respects her gentleness and loving nature. Cassie deserves someone who so unwaveringly sees the best in her, and unabashedly affirms it. Second, Cassie and Nick each make the other better. Nick’s acknowledgment and support of Cassie’s strength and courage allow her to challenge herself and face her fears. Cassie, seeing herself through Nick’s eyes, is able to understand herself differently. In return, Cassie deeply changes Nick. At the beginning of the books, his innate bravery and truthfulness have made him distant and hard, and Cassie shows him that you don’t need to be unloving or angry to be strong. (Also, I'm a sucker for mahogany-brown eyes!)
I think she has some very valid points that I've explored in my own mind, especially in one scenario in which Nick pushes Adam out of the way of a truck too heavy for the fragile old New Salem bridges, and by doing so, both saves Adam's life and nearly dies himself.  It's while he's floating on the brink of death, connected to a dozen machines in the hospital that the Circle does a ceremony with Cassie as leader, to try to drag him back from the rising waters of Death.  To do so, Cassie uses the chalcedony rose that is the symbol of the love between her and Adam, and when Nick, still in the dark rising water, sees it, he believes that it symbolizes the fact that Cassie had given Adam up and brought the rose to him.  Believing this, he returns with Cassie to life, even those those mahogany brown eyes Tera loves are blind now.  When Cassie realizes his mistake she doesn't know what to do or who needs her most, and, characteristically, she and Adam decide she should go with Nick.  But that's not the end of my musings, by a long shot.

Ahem!  Some comments from the other  winners of a Tiffany's platinum embossed Book of Shadows are:

icons_acceptJennifer M, of Cincinnati, OH who says,

"I was extremely excited when I signed in to my email and saw the Congratulations email! I couldn't believe it at first. Thank you for the years of enjoyment your books have brought me and people across the world! I can't wait for the show! Again,  Thank you!"

icons_acceptFiona H., of Burlingame CA, who says

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!"

icons_acceptHannan A., of Ahwatukee, AR, who says

"Omg thank you so much this totally made my night. I can't believe I won."

icons_acceptEmma S. of Calabasas, CA, who says

"Thank you sooooo much!!!! I'm so happy!!! I really wanted to win this thing!!!! I was at a sleep over and I wanted to check my email and I saw this!!!! Love you so so much!! I think I'm dreaming!!!"

Thank you to all who entered this contest!  The new contest will be announced next week, and I, personally, would love to have one.  In fact, I do have one!  I couldn't pass it up.  Thanks once more for all who took part in the Cassie's Book of Shadows contest, and to all those who gave intriguing, original, answers to the essay question.  To the winners: I will try to mail your prizes this weekend. If you prize does not arrive within eight weeks, please write to me with the subject LOST  PRIZE.  Thanks!
BTW, Victor is settling in marvelously.  He is such a good dog on leash and so funny and puppy-like when he is taken off and given the "Okay" command.  Besides being the most gorgeous yellow lab a mother has ever loved . . . well, maybe I'm a little prejudiced.  But he really is a sweetie and he says hello to all.