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Just a reminder . . .

on 04 April 2011. Posted in 2011

This is going to be quite short and sweet.  First, Midnight came out as Number Four in Publisher's Weekly, which is excellent considering that all children's books were being considered.  So thank you once again, and I won't bore you with any more news of this sort.

Second, the one list that was destroyed and could not be reconstructed in my Outlook program was that of people who won the "Name for the next Arc" of The Vampire Diaries (and the name chosen was The Hunters).  If you won this contest and asked that your autographed book be Midnight, and you haven't already contacted me to give me your address again, please do so now.  Thanks to Alyssa and Eveline for doing this spontaneously.

Next, and I don't know if this will really help or not--I am still getting "entries" for the Master Key Contest that have "Contest" or "Key" as their subject.  Please, please, I can't write to each of you individually, so tell your friends and family and pets that these are not valid entries.  They will end up with the C's or K's when I alphabetize my Outlook program to show the correct subject: Master Key Contest.  You might as well not bother to enter if you are going to use a subject of "Contest."  The rules are so simple that I'm having trouble understanding why a fraction of my wonderful, literate, considerate fan base is not taking this in.  In any case, I won't be writing to anyone individually this time to warn them--I just don't have time.

To end on a cheerful note: you'll never guess what the next contest will bring as prizes.  But it's something good!

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