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Dedicated to Ms. Gillette and Her Class

on 13 January 2011. Posted in 2011

I bought a lovely necklace a few weeks ago, and met a lovely, charming woman who, like me, had been a teacher.  She told me a wonderful thing: that her daughter, Ms. Gillette, a teacher also, used The Vampire Diaries books to help encourage students to want to read.  My heart melted like butter.  I knew that some teachers I met in grad school or while teaching use my books, but not that this stranger was doing it as well.

I can’t tell you how many emails I have gotten that say, in essence, “I didn’t like to read before I found your books.  Now I love reading and devour all sorts of books.”  And each of these messages causes my heart to melt as well.  (I’m not sure how it hardens up again, but it’s probably when I read a newspaper or even glance at the headlines on Yahoo or Google about the war, the economy, or other cheery subjects.)

But I want to dedicate today’s blog to Ms. Gillette, and all other teachers out there who are doing the same thing.  To me, reading is an unparalleled pleasure, more fun than TV, movies or even texting my friends all day.  I usually read several books at once: one for research for my own books, one new book for enlivening some of the short time when I’m not writing, one old and waterlogged  book in the bathtub, and one book on my nightstand for reading before I go to sleep.  (That is, for the few times that I actually go up to bed to sleep instead of falling unconscious upon my keyboard with visions of vampires dancing in my head.) `

Incidentally, my agent has indeed rustled up some news about the CW’s option on The Secret Circle.  It seems that a script has been completed—and I will actually get to see it soon.  I can’t divulge any details about it but frankly I’m thrilled to be allowed to see the script.  I am still quite uncertain about the project’s completion: in this business it’s best not to get your heart set on something this early.  I believed in the Vampire Diaries show the day the pilot appeared on TV—because I knew Mr. Williamson.

One more thing: I realize that everyone wants a black rose.  But may I ask you to please, please read the contest rules.  I am getting hundreds of entries with Contest!!! or some such in the subject line.  These are wasted entries: they won’t be with the others that say BLACK ROSE CONTEST (or [BLACK ROSE CONTEST] or Black Rose Contest—all these are fine—when I alphabetize the entries to give to the attorney who randomly picks the winners.

Okay, and another thing.  I am still desperately seeking the second Grand Prize Winner in the Cassie’s Unicorn Egg Contest.  Pamela H. from Texas, check your email!  In one more week, the Grand Prize will be awarded to one of the book winners!


Salem Teacher
+1 # Hello, from SALEM MASalem Teacher 2011-11-01 12:32
I too am a teacher, and have loved your books since 1992! I am now a teacher at Salem High...and My students love reading about "NEW Salem." After they are done their science work, they read, and I have had to replace my copies of your books several times. Thank you for getting me interested in reading...(And star rubies) :) And for my students here as well.
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