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Welcome and The Secret Circle

on Thursday, 28 October 2010 19:32. Posted in 2010

Welcome!  First, I’d like to thank the nearly 4,000 people from 93 countries who have come to visit.  And grateful thanks to the two and a half thousand who participated in the poll on the Home Page to determine Bonnie’s fate.  I myself was a bit stunned at the many who thought she should cast her fate with Matt, and I have to say that it was slightly unfair because of course nobody knows what new character will be introduced.  But, believe me, I will certainly listen to my reader’s opinions . . . and don’t worry, at just 18, she’s not yet ready to get married.

The other thing I wanted visitors to know is that if you didn’t see your favorite character featured in a story this month, you very well may next month.  I am committed to keeping this website fresh and interesting for everyone—and the next contest, which starts November 20, sports a prize that has to be seen to be believed!

I guess the other news that one or two readers/viewers might possibly not have heard about is the fact that The Secret Circle has been optioned by the CW.  When The Vampire Diaries was optioned I kept pretty tight-lipped about it, but this time I think I will blog about the agony and the ecstasy, and the probably very short life of a burgeoning TV show.  I wonder which characters will be cut and what number they’ll get it down to—I’d guess seven witches at most, and even that might be too many to handle.  But I am working assiduously at a Secret Circle story that I hope will be ready for the next update.

Thanks again for stopping by.  Please keep on reading—and writing!