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Hey, Kevin Williamson Likes My Books . . . Really!

on 09 September 2009. Posted in 2009

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I guess I'm about as happy as an Old Soul like me can get . . . before the premiere, that is. I feel as if I need a high-back divan to lounge on (no pun!) and say, "Oh, place that bouquet between the roses and the mixed chrysanthemums." You see I had a birthday last week and the Vampire Diaries premiere is this Thursday (8 Eastern and Pacific, 7 p.m Central) and I'm awash in petals and balloons. I hereby thank everyone--from publisher to agent to family to friends for their kindness, and I promise not to forget it.

Hey, and Kevin Williamson made a video clip, saying he really liked my books and he wanted to bring the epic love story in the Vampire Diaries to life. And he was sitting by a pile of Vampire Diaries books. I feel very honored to have him say that.

And I won't jink the TV show by saying anything about the reviews of the pilot--no jinx, no jinx--but I feel very happy with almost all of them.

Break a fang, vampires!


0 # L. J. SMITH - Hey, Kevin Williamson Likes My Books . . . Really!Guest 2015-12-16 07:22
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0 # RE: Hey, Kevin Williamson Likes My Books . . . Really!sofia 2015-12-18 16:13
Hi lisa
thats great news
with love and best wishes
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