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on 05 September 2008. Posted in 2008

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Yesterday was my birthday, and I had a wonderful day. Remember how it used to take Niki Media days to get a story up (and then it was all wrong)? On my birthday I met with a dashing computer wizard named David Albert who put up in one day, a forty-four page story and my introduction to it.

Soon I will be blogging there as well as here.

Is life getting better or what? God bless you, David, and long may you reign!

So, at last, for Jez and Morgead fans (or anybody who wants a free taste of what the Night World is like) Jez and Morgead’s Night Out is up. Um. Don’t expect it to be like any other couple’s night out, as they’re both vampires.

Let’s see, for my birthday I also got a Judith Leiber purse, a Kindle, and an iPOD, thus bringing me more fully into the modern world (including the purse, which I can exchange for this dried yak bladder I’ve been carrying).

Oh, yes, and Night World I is back on the NY Times bestseller list—and I first heard on my birthday.

Again, for anybody skimming this, the WEBSITE’S BEEN UPDATED and there’s a JEZ & MORGEAD STORY.


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