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Quotes from Heart of Valor

Heart of Valor

on 05 August 2011. Posted in Quotes from Books

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Book_HeartofValorHeart of Valor

“A sorceress does not discomfort her enemies.  If they are important enough to deal with by sorcery, they are important enough to kill.  You cannot turn the Wild Arts to trifles.  Do you want to learn the spell?”
“No.”  Before Morgana could say anything else she added grimly, “I get the point.”
(Morgana & Janie p. 20)

“I told you she was totally out to lunch as far as reality is concerned, but you still made me do it,” Charles raved on.  “And I’m telling you right now, I am not going to go around with the kiss of Glenda the Good Witch on my forehead for the rest of my days.  I want it off!”  (Charles p. 78)

Alys: “You mean I have Excalibur upstairs under my bed?”
Janie: “It’s a funny place to put it, but you’ve got it all right.” (p. 125)

“Arthur," she said, “there are some things quite beyond your powers.”
“Yes, I know,” he said steadily.  “But if no one ever tries to strive against them no one will ever succeed.  We must simply do our best, you know.  And hope.”
(Morgana & King Arthur p. 133)

Alys: “I don’t want to run and hide anymore.  I want to fight.”
Janie: “I see,” said Janie crisply, her eyes purple slits.  “The coward dies a thousand deaths, the hero dies but one, eh?” (p. 192)

Alys: “Hah, Heroes do things like fight monsters.”
“Much better,” said Morgana, “to forge alliances and mend bridges.  Much harder, too.” (p.328)

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+1 # next bookTanya 2011-09-30 00:12
Hi, I am one of your fans and I just wanted to ask are you, is there going to be another book after Heart of Valor? thanks!.
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0 # RE: next bookMaja 2012-02-18 12:31
I think L.J. mentioned that, when she's done with Strange Fate and a few other books,she might write a sequel called Mirror of Heaven.
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