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The Night World

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The Night World series, another bestseller both in the 1990s and now, has been put out in 3 omnibus volumes, each containing 3 books from the original series of 9.  They do have Volume Numbers.  The series is incomplete because I am writing the last book (or at least a milestone in the series) Volume 10, Strange Fate.  I'm not sure when it will come out, but all I do every day is write! Book_NightWorld_SecretVampireNight World: Secret Vampire, Pocket Books, 1996
The Night World isn’t a place.  It’s the world of vampires, witches, and shapeshifters who live in the human world—by their own rules.  And the first two rules of the Night World are simple: 1) Never tell any human about its existence, and 2) Never fall in love with a human.  Spunky, sassy Poppy has always been in the best of health.  Until today, when she discovers that she has a rare disease, and only weeks to live.  James, her best friend, and the coolest boy at school, is confronted with a frightening decision.  He can make Poppy a vampire like him, or he can let her die.  But telling Poppy about the Night World is almost as dangerous as letting her die of a human disease, for he’s broken both of the Night World’s rules, and fallen in love with her.

Book_NightWorld_DaughtersofDarknessNight World: Daughters of Darkness, Pocket Books, 1996
 Mary-Lynnette, seventeen, loves to watch the stars from her Oregon backyard.  Then one day, she thinks she’s witnessed a murder through her telescope.  She’s wrong: it’s only three vampire sisters burying their mysteriously-killed aunt.  Mary-Lynnette, by the laws of the Night World, must become kin to the sisters or be sentenced to death: a sentence that seems to be sealed when their brother Ash appears.  Gorgeous, lazy Ash has never dreamed that he could fall in love with a human, but it seems that Mary-Lynnette doesn’t want him on any terms because of his lurid vampire past.  Can a now-repentant Ash convince Mary-Lynnette to let him atone for his former sins and be his soulmate.

Book_NightWorld_SpellbinderNight World: Spellbinder, Pocket Books, 1996
Thea and Blaise are cousins, and witches, and as different as day and night.  They even belong to different witch covens, Circle Twilight, for the not-so-wicked-witches and Circle Midnight for the real hellions.  In fact, Granny Harman, the Witch Leader, often compares them to Hellewise and Maya, the sisters who were the mother of all witches and the very first vampire, respectively.  But when Thea breaks the laws of the Night World and falls in love with Eric, an ordinary human boy, she has unexpectedly to rely on the whims of Blaise or both she and Eric are doomed.  This is the book in which Circle Daybreak debuts.

Book_NightWorld_DarkAngelNight World: Dark Angel, Pocket Books, 1996
Childlike, innocent Gillian Harman is trying to save a baby she hears crying in the woods when, to her own surprise, she dies!  Even more surprising is her guide in the afterlife, Gary Fargeon, an “angel” with a great body and a gorgeous face.  Returned to life, Gillian listens to her dark angel in all things . . . and soon finds herself anything but childlike and innocent.  But things are not what they seem, and even angels can make mistakes.  Soon Gillian is on a quest to find out just what deed Gary committed to strand him in the afterlife; and to find out the secret of where she belongs in a world she never knew existed: the Night World.

Book_NightWorld_TheChosenNight World: The Chosen, Pocket Books, 1997
Rashel Jordan lost her mother to a golden-eyed vampire at the age of five—and just barely saved herself by her wits.  She’s grown up to the age of seventeen as a vampire hunter—the best.  But when a group of hunters captures Quinn and decides to torture him, Rashel feels something in her soul twist.  Left alone with Quinn, she goes along with her mad impulse and allows him to escape.  But Quinn, a vampire with one of the darkest reputations in the Night World warns her not to expect him to return the favor.  Nevertheless, when Rashel gets herself chosen for a bloodfeast and finds that Quinn is in charge of gathering girls for the dark ceremony!  Enemies—and soulmates—what will happen during their final fight?

Book_NightWorld_SoulmateNight World: Soulmate, Pocket Books, 1997
Sixteen-year-old Hannah goes to a psychologist to understand the meaning of her the notes she keeps finding—in her own handwriting.  “Dead before 17,”  “He’s coming,” “Watch out.”  Only under hypnosis is their cryptic meaning revealed.  Hannah is actually an Old Soul, a girl who has been reincarnated many times and can remember her past lives.  And in every one of them, the fair-haired stranger appears—and Hannah loves him—and Hannah dies at age16.  Meanwhile, the leader of all the vampires of Circle Daybreak, all those who have human soulmates, Lord Thierry, is searching.  He’s looking for her—the girl he loved and accidentally killed thousands of year ago.  Who will find Hannah first—her vampire soulmate, or Maya, the first of all the vampires who has murdered Hannah a thousand times to keep her from Thierry.  And who will Hannah believe when they do find her?

Book_NightWorld_HuntressNight World: Huntress, Pocket Books 1997
Jez, with flaming red hair and silvery blue eyes, is the epitome of the wild teenage vampire, riding her motorcycle and chasing skinheads through the woods.  She and Morgead regularly challenge each other for leadership of the gang, and Jez believes—naturally enough—that the handsome, dark-haired vampire hates her.  But suddenly the world changes for Jez.  She discovers that she has no right to the Night World, because one of her parents was human.  Now Jez has turned into a vampire huntress, and one with a special job: find one of the four Wild Powers who can fight off the Apocalypse, the end of the world.  To do so, though, she must challenge her dearest enemy once again for the leadership—knowing that she has only half-vampire Powers.

Book_NightWorld_BlackDawnNight World: Black Dawn, Pocket Books 1998
Maggie is the picture of an ordinary human teenager.  Yet when her brother’s lovely girlfriend reports that he has been killed in a mountaineering accident, she knows it is a lie.  The chase leads her to discover an entire community of human slaves ruled by vampires in the hollow of a Washington mountain.  There also, she finds Delos, the second of the Wild Powers, the vampire ruler of this kingdom where she is a slave—and her soulmate.  Her modern clothes cause the other slaves to hail her as a messiah come to bring them freedom. Can even level-headed Maggie deal with her arrogant soulmate and an entire kingdom to be freed?

Book_NightWorld_WitchlightNight World: Witchlight, Pocket Books 1998
 Keller is a seventeen-year-old shapeshifter, a panther, who goes by her last name only.  She’s an operative for Circle Daybreak and her mission is simple: find the third Wild Power who can fend off the Apocalypse.  Keller does find Iliana, and much more, as well: a dragon in the shape of a human, and her own liege lord Galen.  So, she learns: dragons walk the Earth again, even if in disguise.  And Iliana is as far from a serious Wild Power as Keller can imagine.  A love triangle quickly develops between the handsome princely Galen, the exquisite but bubble-minded Iliana, and Keller—who counts herself out with her favorite saying, “I’m just a grunt.”  Life has surprises in store for the cynical, embittered Keller, and her opinions of both Galen and Iliana are in for a radical change.

Book_NightWorld_1Book_NightWorld_2Book_NightWorld_3Night World Series. Simon & Schuster 2008 - 2009
Night World No. 1 Secret Vampire; Daughters of Darkness; Spellbinder  (New York Times Bestseller!)  Night World No. 2 Dark Angel; The Chosen; Soulmate (New York Times Bestseller!)  Night World No. 3 Huntress, Black Dawn, Witchlight (New York Times Bestseller!)
It's primarily about vampires, but it also mixes in werewolves, shapeshifters, witches, etc. In these stories, you'll find vampires who've fallen helplessly in love with their human soulmates--but it's the law that any Night Person who loves a human must be punished by death. If you like Damon, you'll probably also like the vampires Ash Redfern, Quinn, and Morgead--not to mention James Rasmussen of Secret Vampire, the first book in the Night World series.

The Dark Visions

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Simon & Schuster have put these three books into a handy single volume. Debuted as #1 on the New York Times Bestseller List.

Book_DarkVisions_TheStrangePowerThe Strange Power:  (New York Times Bestseller!)
Is the first book in the trilogy. In this we first see Kaitlyn Fairchild: the resident witch in her school. Kait doesn’t deliberately practice witchcraft, but every so often she gets the urge to draw. The problem is that the pictures are mysterious and macabre . . . and they always end up coming true before Kaitlyn can figure out what they mean. Given the chance to transfer to the Zetes Institute, a small boardinghouse school populated only by teens like Kait, with strange powers, Kaitlyn jumps at the chance. But neither the Institute nor Dr. Zetes is what they seem . . .

Book_DarkVisions_The PossessedThe Possessed:  (New York Times Bestseller!)
Having discovered what Dr. Zetes really wants them for—and what happened to their predecessors at the Institute, Kaitlyn and her friends Anna, Lewis, Rob, and Gabriel have to run for their lives. In doing so, Kaitlyn discovers that Gabriel is a vampire—but that he feeds directly on human life-energy. Kait is caught between golden Rob, the healer, and wicked Gabriel Wolfe, who may just be using her for his own purposes.

Book_DarkVisions_ThePassionThe Passion: (New York Times Bestseller!)
Finally having found a weapon with which to fight Dr. Zetes, Kaitlyn and the others return to the Zetes Institute. But no one is ever exactly what they seem, and the triple-twist ending of the book has one of Kait’s suitors backing off, seeing the passion she shares with the other.

Audio Books

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Book_Audio_Sample_DarkVisionsMany of the above listed books are also available as audio books, here are few links:
>>  AudiobookStand.com     >> AudiobookStandDL.com     >> Audible.com

The Night of the Solstice/Heart of Valor

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Book_NightOfTheSolstice3The Night of the Solstice
My first published book, begun in high school, finished in college. Also, my only middle-grade books, for ages 9-11. Four children are recruited by a talking vixen who is the familiar of Morgana Shee, a sorceress who has disappeared. By traveling through the mirrors in Morgana’s house they can reach the Wildworld, where the same house has been transformed into a castle . . . with the sorceress locked in one of the rooms . . . but which?

Book_HeartofValorHeart of Valor
The second book in the trilogy about the adventures of the Hodges-Bradley children. By now, Janie is Morgana’s apprentice, studying to become a sorceress herself, while Alys, against her will, is forced into the role of a sword-wielding hero. Charles is still in love with the mercurial elf Elwyn, and Claudia’s courage is tested along with her ability to talk to animals.

Book_0_Blank_BlueMirror of Heaven
I’ve gotten so many requests to finish this trilogy with the last book that when I have finished with Vampire Diaries and Strange Fate, I just might write this book about the magical gem called Mirror of Heaven.