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The Secret Circle

on Friday, 05 August 2011 17:06. Posted in Quotes from Books

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Book_TheSecretCircle_Vol1A Book_TheSecretCircle_Vol2A Book_TheSecretCircle_Vol3 Book_TheSecretCircle_Vol1 Book_TheSecretCircle_Vol2

The Initiation

Book_TheSecretCircle_Vol1A“The silver cord can never be broken.  Your lives are linked.  You can’t escape each other any more than you can escape destiny.” (p.24) 

 “This is chalcedony.  It’s a good luck piece.  If you’re ever in trouble or danger or anything like that, if there’s ever a time when you’re all alone and no one else can help you, hold on tight --tight—and think of me."  (Adam to Cassie p. 26) 

 “She’s just – different.  Different doesn’t necessarily mean bad.”  (Cassie p.57)

“Now let me see, what shall we do to start this year off?  I feel like something really wicked.”  (Faye p. 75)

“Last year," Faye said, “we were only juniors.  This year we’re seniors – and we’re wicked.  As wicked as we wanna be.”  (p.78)

“Each night I lie and dream about the one
Who kissed me and awakened my desire
I spent a single hour with him alone
And since that hour, my days are laced with fire”
(p. 111)

“Earth and water, fire and air,
See your daughter standing there.
By dark of moon and light of sun,
As I will it, let it be done.
By challenge, trial, and sacred vow,
Let her join the Circle now.
Flesh and sinew, blood and bone
Cassie now becomes our own.”

“Well, then," Faye said.  “Now that you’ve heard our story, we have just one question to ask you.”  She fixed Cassie with an odd half smile and she said in a sweet, false voice, “Are you planning to be a good witch or a bad witch?” (p. 194)

“Bud and bloom, leaf and tree,
Find him, bind him, now to me.
Shoot and seedling, root and bough,
Threads of love entwine us now.”
(p. 202)

“Power is only Power,” Diana said tiredly, not turning.  “It’s not good or bad.  Only the way we use it is good or bad.” (p. 239)

“If you’d ever done what I told you, held it tight in your fist and thought of me, I’d have known, and I’d have tracked it down, no matter where you were.  I thought you were that special.”  (Adam to Cassie p. 246)


The Captive

Book_TheSecretCircle_Vol2A“Well, the coven leaders who represent the goddess Diana and the horned god have to make an alliance.  They have to . . .” Faye paused delicately “. . . merge, shall we say?  To represent the union of male and female principles.”
“You mean they . . .?”
“It can be done symbolically,” Faye said blandly.  But somehow I don’t think Adam and Diana will be satisfied with symbolism, do you?” (p.51)

“It isn’t nice to fool around with guys who’re taken.”  Cassie whispered tiredly, as if explaining to a five-year-old.
Faye chuckled “Nice?  Is that what you want on your epitaph? ‘Here lies Cassie.  She was . . . nice’?” (p. 59)

“You fainted.  But Adam saved your life.”
“He went through the four circles of protection.”  Susan said with a distinct note of awe in her voice.”
“Stupid,” Deborah commented.  “But Impressive.”
And then came Faye’s lazy drawl: “I think it was a tremendously devoted thing to do.”  (p.71)

“There is nothing frightening in the dark if you just face it.”  (p. 126)

“Running away has never solved anything.”  (Grandma Howard p. 376)

“There not really scary after all, Cassie thought, a little dazedly.  They’re more like the Lost Boys in Peter Pan, Peculiar, but sort of cute.”  (Cassie on the Henderson brothers p. 394)


The Power

Book_TheSecretCircle_Vol3“That’s no excuse.  There’s no excuse for any of it – not even for doing worse things because I thought I was evil anyway and what did it matter?  It did matter.  I listened to Faye and I let her bully me.”  (Cassie p. 147)

“And that’s it?” Faye exploded.  “Everything’s alright now, all sweetness and light?  Everybody loves everybody and you’re all going home holding hands?”  (p. 151)

“The Henderson brothers never fell for a girl before, but they don’t know if they’re on their heads or feet anymore.  I think they’re going to make you a pipe bomb for Christmas.”  (Nick p. 193)

Cassie looked up at him, her fingers still intermeshed with his.  “Sorry,” she said unsteadily.  “I was scared.”
“Remind me to get you scared frequently” Nick said.  (p. 253)

“Purity of purpose, Cassie; that’s the secret.  Purity and clarity.  Never forget your purpose.”  (Black John p. 268)

“Sky and sea, keep harm from me.  Earth and fire, bring my desire.”  (p. 389)


icons_award_star_goldAdministrator would like to thank Christina Crowley for above quotes from these book series.

Heart of Valor

on Friday, 05 August 2011 17:06. Posted in Quotes from Books

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Book_HeartofValorHeart of Valor

“A sorceress does not discomfort her enemies.  If they are important enough to deal with by sorcery, they are important enough to kill.  You cannot turn the Wild Arts to trifles.  Do you want to learn the spell?”
“No.”  Before Morgana could say anything else she added grimly, “I get the point.”
(Morgana & Janie p. 20)

“I told you she was totally out to lunch as far as reality is concerned, but you still made me do it,” Charles raved on.  “And I’m telling you right now, I am not going to go around with the kiss of Glenda the Good Witch on my forehead for the rest of my days.  I want it off!”  (Charles p. 78)

Alys: “You mean I have Excalibur upstairs under my bed?”
Janie: “It’s a funny place to put it, but you’ve got it all right.” (p. 125)

“Arthur," she said, “there are some things quite beyond your powers.”
“Yes, I know,” he said steadily.  “But if no one ever tries to strive against them no one will ever succeed.  We must simply do our best, you know.  And hope.”
(Morgana & King Arthur p. 133)

Alys: “I don’t want to run and hide anymore.  I want to fight.”
Janie: “I see,” said Janie crisply, her eyes purple slits.  “The coward dies a thousand deaths, the hero dies but one, eh?” (p. 192)

Alys: “Hah, Heroes do things like fight monsters.”
“Much better,” said Morgana, “to forge alliances and mend bridges.  Much harder, too.” (p.328)

icons_award_star_goldAdministrator would like to thank Christina Crowley for above quotes from these book series.